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We offer Drone Aerial Imaging and 3D Reality Capture. Our customers are assured accurate, reliable results because TerraDat has over 25 years’ experience using state of the art techniques. We’ve worked across sectors including Film & TV, Engineering, Forensics, Heritage and Geosciences and Renewable Energy.

We understand that you need reliable, accurate images and data to help you make important decisions. That’s why we always combine experienced, CAA qualified drone pilots and surveyors, the best equipment and our passion for reality capture to deliver outstanding results.

We’re easy to work with and down to earth. And we’re here to help.

Aerial Mapping

Aerial photogrammetry services to create accurate 3D models of the land surface. Drone mounted cameras acquire multiple images that can be processed into orthomosaic photos, Digital Surface Models (DSM) or topographic contour maps.

Building Inspections

Drones provide a safe, low-cost method of inspecting structures such as bridges, buildings, monuments and many other subjects. We deliver high-resolution photography or videos as well as timelapse and 360 panoramas. Difficult views of structures from underneath can be achieved via top-mounted drone cameras.

Drone Photography & Video

From real estate and advertising through to heritage and tourism. Breathtaking views provide a unique perspective to showcase subjects to their full potential. Our pilots are award-winning photographers with global experience.

3D Laser Scanning

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (LiDAR) services provide accurate point clouds to digitally document buildings, the landscape, engineering structures in high detail. Point accuracy is typically ±2mm and we offer modelling services to popular BIM formats such as Autodek Revit and Recap.

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